Sunday, January 3, 2010

Riding The Shovel

The snow shovel that is. Seems like every time we turn around here in northern Colorado its snowing. My old 68 FLH hasn't been out of the garage in awhile.

About the only way out to some good pavement is down the sidewalk.

The up and coming event this month would be the 32nd annual Colorado Motorcycle Show and Swap January 30th and 31st. Held at the National Western Complex, off I-70, Exit at Brighton Blvd and follow the signs.

$15 bucks for a 1 day admission and $20 bucks will get you in both Saturday and Sunday. Parking is extra.

Last year is was $8 bucks to park in the lot on Sunday. If you try to parking anywhere else I think you'll be towed.

Good sites inside the complex. Plenty of parts and parts and.....bikes and walking till ya can't walk any more.

You are bound to run into the people you only see once a year, at this show. And your bound to see some nice looking custom bikes in the bike show.

And you might just run into me. I'll be wearing the FTW tee shirt it it gets here in time.

Oh yea, almost forgot the wet tee shirt contest is held both days.

Auction on Sunday - Proceeds to Benefit Rocky Mountain Brain Injury Services.

For complete information check the official web site

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