Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#747 Now #2!

Newbold, seen here sporting his Winnings as well as his new Mohawk!  So 747 has gone to the wayside but #2 has again shown his true colors this past weekend in Farmington NM.  Travis seemed to be ready for the battle that is normally a 7-8mile race but in fact this time was a 10.7mile run. 
Travis seen here observing the Riders Meeting from a different vantage point

The race was sandy to say the least and the trails were brutal.  This years adventure so to speak lead them throughout most of the original trails from the previous races with a few added "fun areas". 

There were added jumps this year to allow #2 to see if it could live up to the previous title that #747 held.
Travis seen here catching some air.

Well on to the next one, Angel Fire, Taos NM.  We'll see what #2 has in store for us there.

Phil Lambert

Phil Lambert Photography

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